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Hello, we are the Joos family. Our family consists of our beautiful baby girl Cassidy, our cat, our chocolate lab Gracie and our newest member Ira, who is a yellow lab. Our family changes quite a bit each year, as we are also a licensed foster home. Some of our favorite family memories have been watching our dogs run around our home and yard with our kids and seeing them form that bond that only a child and a dog can have.

Both of us have been around dogs our whole lives, growing up with Golden Retrievers, a few pointing dogs and Labradors. After we got engaged we decided we wanted to expand our soon to be family with a dog. We settled on the Labrador Retriever because our their gentle nature, want to please, our previous experience, and of course their hunting ability. So we got a chocolate lab named Gracie. She is the one who started it all and instilled in us our passion for exceptional labs.

As a family, we are excited to be on this journey with Red Cedar Retrievers, as we are proud to provide hunters and families with quality, purebred Labrador Retrievers. We feel everyone deserves a great healthy dog whether for in the field or around the house.

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