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Bird hunting Labrador retriever


Ages:  5 Months and up

Duration: 12-16 Weeks

Prerequisites: Basic commands

Our training programs are structured in a way that works with the canine learning process. We work very hard to constantly read a dog’s mental state throughout the training program by watching his or her body language to determine how they are responding to their environment and to our training. We believe a dog is like a book, all you have to do is read it to get your instructions.

Our Companion Gundog training program is 12-16 weeks long depending on the dog. This is the fastest we feel dogs can successfully learn the necessary basics of a good gundog. This program can be geared towards waterfowl, upland or both to cater to our individual customers needs.

Areas of focus

  • Bird introduction

  • Gunfire introduction

  • E-collar conditioning

  • Basic retrieve

  • Force fetch

  • Off lead obedience

Companion Gundog: About

"We had Drake home for three months prior to sending him back to Red Cedar Retrievers for the Companion Gundog course.  Aaron provided instructions and guidance whenever needed to get Drake ready to go back for training which included general obedience, land and water retrieves.
Drake returned to Red Cedar Retrievers in July 2020 where he worked with Aaron for three months. During the training, Aaron did a wonderful job of keeping us updated on the training and Drake’s progress.  We were able to visit him and be involved in all aspects. Drake has phenomenal drive and is unbelievably steady in the duck blind for an eight-month-old pup."

John Schmitt

Companion Gundog: Testimonials
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