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Ages:  12 Months and up

Duration: 12-16 Weeks

Prerequisites: Companion Gundog or a similar skill set

Our training programs are structured in a way that works with the canine learning process. We work very hard to constantly read a dog’s mental state throughout the training program by watching his or her body language to determine how they are responding to their environment and to our training. We believe a dog is like a book, all you have to do is read it to get your instructions.

Our Finished Gundog training program is 12-16 weeks long depending on the dog. This is the fastest we feel dogs can successfully learn the necessary basics of a finished gundog. This program can be geared more towards hunting, running HRC or AKC tests, or a mixture of the two depending on the customers preference.

Areas of focus​

  • Advanced marking

  • Whistle commands

  • Casting

  • Blind retrieves

Finished Gundog: About
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