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RCR'S Sweet Second Chance Nala JH

Nala, born in 2021, is out of Southfork's POW MIA SH of Southfork Retrievers and GRHRCH Willie MH of Lincoln Creek Labs. We chose a pup out of this litter based on intelligence, trainability and drive shown by the sire and dam. Without a doubt Nala is showing the same attributes! She is not only a very intelligent & high drive pup that has made training a breeze but she is by far the most even tempered, easiest puppy we have ever had in the house. She has the same demeanor as the older dogs she is around and does absolutely wonderful around the kids.

We are very excited to continue to progress in Nala's training and the get her out in the field to build some experience. We plan to run her in AKC and HRC tests and are looking forward to showing her off. along with pushing her to bring out her full potential as a retriever. Nala achieved her Junior Hunter title at 15 months old.

Nala, even at this young of an age, is what we would call the total package. She not only has the intelligence, drive and biddability that is highly sought after to be a top notch gundog but she also has the sweetest demeanor in the house. She is able to get along with everyone and has understood from a very young age when it is time to play/ have fun and when it is time to calm down. Finally, to top it all off she has the looks to melt anyone's heart.

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